About Me

Hello internet people.

 My name is Cara and I'm a 21 year old fashion styling student living in Hertfordshire, UK. I enjoy wearing glitter, rainbows and fluffy pink skirts at all hours of the day and am obsessed with everything to do with Disney. Tina Belcher is my spirit and I love nothing more than London at Christmas.

I've always loved dressing in a way that feels uniquely "Cara" and I believe fashion should always be fun, sassy and empowering. This blog was started in 2012 for me to share my outfits and for me to write about my love of fashion, but I also like to talk about food, lifestyle and the issues that matter to me such as mental health awareness and intersectional feminism.

When I'm not rambling about clothes that I like and eating vegan ice cream, I enjoy watching whimsical animated films, visiting museums and exploring different cities. 

If you having any queries or would like to work with me, feel free to drop me an email: caraelder@live.co.uk


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