Where Do I Buy My Clothes?


Ever since I started sharing photos of my outfits online years ago, the same one question always consistently seems to pop up - "where do you shop/find/buy your clothes?" Therefore I thought that today I would finally answer and give a rundown of some of the brands and shops that I regularly purchase from and love. I take a lot of pride in wearing unique and interesting clothing and because of that it's very rare that I will shop in high street retailers, instead favouring independent brands, international fashion websites and of course vintage stores too. So without further ado, let's dive straight into it...

Lazy Oaf - How do I love Lazy Oaf? Let me count the ways. If you're after quirky, pastel coloured fashion coupled with tongue-in-cheek slogans and fun graphic prints then Lazy Oaf is the brand for you. Started in 2001 by the wonderful Gemma, the brand has gone from strength to strength and has collaborated with everyone from The Ragged Priest to Garfield the cat. My favourite? Obviously the Disney collection. One day I will own it all.

O-Mighty - While we're on the subject of sass and humour, O-Mighty is basically the queen of that game. Known mainly for their tees and having cultivated a huge celeb fanbase (Miley is a huge fan), O-Mighty is not for the faint of heart - we're talking seriously NSFW slogans, tiny silk slips that scream Spice Girl, faux fur two pieces and pastel silk tracksuits. Perfect for feeling your 90s/00s badass babe fantasy. 

Glitters For Dinner - If I could choose one store and one store only to provide my entire wardrobe, I would pick this one in a heartbeat. Scrolling through clothes on the Glitter For Dinner website is like going to a restaurant which just serves delicious and decadent ice cream sundaes with all the toppings - you can't decide which is most amazing and you kind of want them all. There is holographic, PVC, fluffy and glittery skirts and dresses, Sailor Moon and Clueless inspired two pieces (two of my favourite things), cute pastel pinafore dresses and even adorable cheerleader style outfits. GFD is based in Bangkok but do not fear, friends - they offer free shipping worldwide. Hark the pastel angels sing!

The Ragged Priest - If you're into denim and streetwear with a unique twist, then The Ragged Priest should definitely be on your radar. The brand are most known for their jeans which are some of the coolest on the UK market, featuring daring rips, crazy embellishments and badass hand painting. However their other pieces aren't to be slept on - I especially love their incredibly detailed denim jackets and sheer dresses and tops which make perfect grungy layering pieces. The brand have also recently opened their first store, based in London, which I cannot wait to go visit.

UNIF - If you've followed this blog for a while, you'll definitely already know of my love for UNIF as I have featured their clothes many times. Perfect for fans of the 90s aesthetic, UNIF has everything from striped sweaters and giant platform boots to mesh tops, diamante bras and delicate sheer slip dresses. Browsing through their clothes is like a nostalgic fashion fever dream, in the coolest and best way possible. Their styling is always excellent for inspiration too.

Skinnydip London - If you have ever wondered where one of my bags was from, the answer 9 times out of 10 will always be Skinnydip. I'm a huge fan of fun and novelty accessories and no one does it better and at such an affordable price than this London brand. Want a bag shaped like a rainbow? A tequila bottle? A holographic seashell? Or maybe you just want a practical backpack that's sparkly and pink and covered in unicorns? Skinnydip will have you covered. I'm such a huge fan of the brand that I actually have a collection post in the works, so watch this space if you want to see more of my crazy bags from there. Side note: you WILL be stopped and complimented a lot if you're seen out and about with anything from Skinnydip. Be prepared.

Clueless crop top by Omighty

Michelle pink glitter skirt by Glitters For Dinner

Pom nose dress by Lazy Oaf

bags by Skinnydip London

I really hoped you all enjoyed this little list and hopefully you will have found a new store or two that you love! All these brands are amazing so try not to spend /too/ much money while browsing - I claim zero responsibility, muahuahua. Let me know what your favourite brand/store to shop at is down below - I would love to hear from you! <3

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  1. Love Lazy Oaf! You have such beautiful clothes!


  2. cool!


  3. All of your clothes are extremely adorable. :)

    Nabila // Hot Town Cool Girl

  4. your wardrobe makes me so incredibly happy omg

  5. I like more The Ragged Priest and UNIF, but they're all great shops! (:

    CM | XIII.

  6. such a fun wardrobe

  7. I'm sure you would also love Local Heroes - they have basically tees and denim but with that kind of candy 90s twist. And their Disney collection is awesome!

  8. I love how unique your style is! Lazy oaf is a brand I love especially because of the pastel colours!
    Kathy x

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