Birthday/Christmas Lust List | Winter 2015


// Unif Frost sweater - Skinnie Belle // Unif Trixie backpack - ASOS // Unif Dedi boots - ASOS // Stevie top - American Apparel // Urban Decay Vice 4 palette - Feel Unique // Kevin Bacon clutch bag - Skinnydip London // Ring Leader choker - Stone Fox // Missguided faux fur longline coat - ASOS // Unicorn Christmas socks - ASOS //

I honestly can't believe that it's almost December already. It seems like only a month ago I was wandering around the sun soaked side streets of Rome, and hanging out in the V&A garden wearing tennis skirts and chunky sandals. Not that I'm complaining, of course; December is my favourite month of the entire calendar year. I love winter, especially in cities and I'm lucky enough to live within a short train ride of London. I've already seen the romantic ice rinks popping up in my favourite locations, and walked beneath the sparkling lights that are suddenly EVERYWHERE. Back in Bournemouth, the annual winter market has arrived rife with Bavarian huts and animatronic singing moose head - because what's Christmas without one, am I right?. December is also my birth month and I'll be waving goodbye to my teens (gulp) and turning the big two oh. To soften the blow of actually having to become an adult, I've been indulging in a bit of online lusting - here's what I've been coveting lately...

A brand that I've been obsessed with recently (my bank account not so much sigh) is LA based label Unif. Unif have been on my radar since 2012 but they're one of those brands that just seem to get better every year. There are not one, not two but three Unif pieces on this wishlist alone, though I could probably do an entire post just based on stuff I want from them. The Frost sweater is sold out everywhere for ages and you can see why - it's oversized pastel perfection. I love winter pieces that are unabashedly colourful. Sticking with the candy coloured theme, the Trixie backpack reminds me of the colour of Parmaviolets. It's the perfect 90s backpack due to the transparent material and the Clueless-esque fluffy heart, I can totally see Cher and the gang toting one of these. The final Unif piece on this list is the Dedi boots - I own a ridiculous amount of black boots but I've been looking for the perfect lace up, semi-flat pair. These fit the bill totally, not being too high but still with a bit of a heel. I've been loving high neck tops lately and American Apparel do some great ones in really unique colours - I'm obsessed with the burgundy and "Paulette" pink shades. Urban Decay do my favourite eyeshadows out of any brand on the market and the new Vice 4 palette is no exception. I love the mix of neutral wearable colours and totally insane jewel tones and glitter. On the subject of brand favourites, Skinnydip London are definitely a new addition to my list. I own two of their crossbody bags already (both bought within the past two months) and this clutch is next on my wishlist. Alongside about 10 others, sorry not sorry. I've been loving chokers this year and Stone Fox do some really rad ones, I love the black leather "Ring Leader". I've also been building up my faux fur collection and this Missguided beauty is on it's way to me at the moment, thanks to my amazing parents who bought it for my main birthday present. I'll undoubtedly be living it this season. Last but not least are possibly the most relatable socks known to mankind - because no one doesn't want a unicorn.

I hope you're all having a brilliant week, and are loving the new Bieber album as much as I am - because as much as we all may try and fight it, it's amazing and we will deal.


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  1. Ah I just love all of it! I love that UNIF jumper and I totally need that bag and boots in my life also! Thanks for sharing your wishlist, my bank account will not like this...

    Sophie Elizabeth

    1. Unif has a way of making us somehow lose all our money aha! Thanks girl x

  2. this list is peerfect <3

  3. I love the first jumper and the boots! My friend has a jumper from Unif and it's so cool, I've never bought anything from there but I love the look of their stuff :)x

  4. I see you caved and bought the UNIF jumper - it's a BEAUT!

    T x

  5. That backpack is super cute! I used to have a similar one when I was younger :)

    Nereyda│ This Girl Is Obsessed

  6. Those boots look so amazing, we can't blame you for wanting all of these items!

    ISA Professional


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