Lust List | April 2015


// Silver backpack - Topshop // Illamasqua lipstick in "ESP" - Illamasqua website // Jessi white cleated sole platform shoes - Public Desire // "Over It" crop tee - The Ragged Priest // As If sleeveless set in "Pink Tartan" - Glitters For Dinner// Tennis skirt in "Black" - American Apparel //

So yours truly has come down with a bout of the cold over the past couple of days, a situation not made any better by the fact I ate some dodgy kebab shop chicken nuggets last night and am now bedridden with a tummy ache because of it. So what better to do in this time of minor crisis than to do a bit of online shopping, am I right? My student loan will probably be taking a battering soon because everything is so beautiful, plus summer is coming so I have an excuse to pick up some new threads. I've started visiting home more often lately and it's quite annoying having to take a massive suitcase back every time (both for my lack of muscles and all the London commuters who have to watch me struggle) so I'm in the market for a backpack to save me the trouble. Anyone who knows me will know that I love silver and shiny things and this backpack ticks both those boxes, plus will look cool with casual outfits even when I'm not travelling. I'm a big fan of bold lipsticks - it's out of character for me not to wear a bright red lip at all times - and Illamasqua have some amazing shades, from teal green to shimmering purple-pink. My personal favourite from them is "ESP" which is violet and matte, which makes it slightly different from MAC's "Violetta" which I own and love. Plus the name and colour combined reminds me of LSP/Lumpy Space Princess from Adventure Time which is always a pro. For someone who owns a ton of shoes I have a fairly limited collection of heels and when I saw these beauties from Public Desire I fell in love. The platform means they're easier to walk in (a good thing as they're 6.1 inches!) and I love the cleated sole. I can imagine wearing them with a multitude of different outfits so they're definitely a pair that are worth adding to my shoe family. The Ragged Priest are a brand that I've always loved but only just got into wearing recently, as I bought a pair of their shorts this month (I'll be blogging about them soon). I fell in love with this top as soon as I saw it - isn't it just the cutest? I don't wear t-shirts a lot but I think this one would look cool with a pleated skirt and a simple bralet underneath. I also adore the rain cloud version that isn't up anymore :( Bring it back please! Similarly I've always loved Glitters For Dinner - I follow them on Instagram and probably like every post because all their clothes are just on point. A particular must-have is the As If two pieces which combines all my favourite things - plaid, collars and skater skirts. I love the pink set the most but damnit they're all adorable. Oh, and that Clueless reference in the name is perfect. Anyone who follows me on Instagram will know that I basically live in my three AA tennis skirts - it's actually beyond a joke now. I'm currently lusting after the black version as it's such a great staple piece and will work with outfits for all seasons.

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  1. cute!

  2. Love that backpack!

    Check out my new post Here!!!

  3. I need that backpack in my life!

  4. Yes to all of it!! Great list! Problem is now I want them too! xx

    Sophie Elizabeth

  5. Great pieces, I love all of them :)

  6. That backpack tough!

    It would be awesome if you check my blog

  7. I hope you feel better soon, I love that backpack!

    Tara x

  8. adorable !


  9. really really love these cute items!! Great pick x

  10. I love that bagpack ! x

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  12. That lipstick is AMAZING!
    Hope you've had a great day,
    Bethany x

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