A Little Love Note. (And Mermaid's Belated 1st Birthday!)


So yesterday I was doing some blog admin so I could apply for a press pass for next season's London Fashion Week and while sorting out my Google analytics I realised two things. One - Mermaid has now been running for over a year, which is totally insane. And two - there's 274 of you following and reading my blog which is even more insane. I can't even express my gratitude and shock that people actually see my posts, take the time to read them and comment.I like to think and maybe I'm wrong that the main reason for my followers is my writing. I can confess to quickly snapping outfit photos in like 10 minutes and then going inside and writing for an hour. I'm an aspiring journalist and I know through my studies that social media and citizen journalists like bloggers are set to be the future of the industry so the fact people are taking an interest in my little corner of the internet is amazing to me. I know it's nothing huge as in the grand scheme of things 274 is not a huge number compared to the thousands of followers some bloggers have (and they deserve that amount of readers so much as they're some of the most talented writers and stylists I've seen) but I'm really proud. To be quite frank running this blog hasn't always been smooth. There have been times when I've broken down publicly on twitter and lamented about giving up but in these instances I've been so bombarded with support from people who I didn't even now read BM which gave me the wake up call to keep on going because it would be worth it. And it is was, so thank you.  So this has just been a tiny little speck of a blog post compared to be usual incessant rambling but it's one with heart. And last things last, I really don't recommend you going to my earlier posts. Just nope. No.

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  1. Congratulations and happy belated!

    Your blog is amazing and I enjoy readying your posts as well as your fashionable snaps x


    soo, I have to say - Happy Birthday! :*


  3. Not bad girl.

  4. Congrats! :) x

  5. Haha I did actually go right to the start of your blog- guilty. Fab that you've got 274! xo

  6. Congratz!!


  7. First of all, congrats. Second of all, I started following because I think you have the whole package: great style, photos, and writing. I just really enjoy your blog.

  8. Congratulations - I hope I can achieve the same success as you in the future! x


  9. welldone on your blogaversary x

  10. Not sure which I prefer, the title of this post or the coat! x

  11. I love your writing, it's really refreshing to read a blog post that contains more than 3 sentence. I find a lot of people who comment on our blog don't even bother reading what we write and it's sad but hey ho. You're much more than just a pretty/stylin' girl! <3

    Tara x

  12. awww... just keep it up. i know what you mean about giving up, but remember you are doing this because you love it!! do you want to follow each other? let me know =)


  13. want the zara coat!

  14. Zara's coat look stunning on you!
    Follow each other?
    I'm a beginning fashion blogger check out my blog www.shawsy.blogspot.com


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