October Lust-List


// pink pvc pencil skirt - Topshop // cat tights - eBay // lavender cropped fluffy jumper - Topshop // Sailor Moon bodycon skirt - OMighty // white Coltrane boot - Jeffrey Campbell //

You know when you try to take outfit photos and you just end up looking up looking like a bit ole mess, despite the fact what you're wearing is awesome? That happened today. Rather than leaving you hanging I decided to whip up a list of the pieces that I'm coveting at the moment, all absolute gorgeous and way out of my budget. Whoops. Since seeing the amount of PVC on the runway in February I've been oddly fascinated by the trend yet a bit scared to try it because I look quite young. Enter Topshop with their blush pink offering - suitably shiny but downplayed by the pretty colour and chic style. I think it would look great with a grungy tee or with a pastel jumper and chunky white shoes. Cats are my favourite animal (I have two shelves in my room dedicated to them but we don't tell people that) so these tights are literally perfect for me - they're a great alternative to your bog standard pair. I've accumulated my fair share of fluffy jumpers over the past month but I can't help lusting over this Topshop one - it's a gorgeous colour and you can never have too many winter woolies okay? OKAY. I recently discovered OMighty and their bonkers but brilliant offerings (if you want a crop top with CDs all over then they're the place to go) and instantly fell in love with this skirt. No explanation needed, it's just amazing. Now we're all familiar with the Coltranes and most people will own them or at least a dupe, me included. However how beautiful are the white pair? I saw them on another blogger and literally died - if you don't want black, then they're a fantastic alternative. Can someone make a dupe of them already, help a brutha out!

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  1. love such style! amazing choice, dear!

    i'd love to follow each other, what do you think?
    let me know please)

    keep in touch, xoxo
    love, Yulia

  2. cutyyyy! Shall we follow by facebook and bloglovin?

  3. Oh I know the feeling. It happens to me ALL THE TIME, in the mirror I'm all "ooh this is cute" and after I look at the pics I'm like "why did I think it was okay to leave the house looking like this?" Bet you looked fabulous anyway! Great wish list, I've seen PVC everywhere and it looks so good on some people but really doubt I could ever pull it off. You'd look fabulous in that skirt! I love the fluffy crop jumper and the tights, how cute are they!?

  4. I can totally see you in that Topshop skirt! It's a bit Gagalicious, remember this? Looooove. <3

    Tara xo

  5. Love the lilac sweater!

    Xo, Hannah


  6. I so want those white caltrones... hope to find a dupe those JC are to expensive for my pockets right now!


  7. Hi :)
    You have a really nice blog and I follow you :)
    I hope you can follow me back :)

  8. I love the boots aaah *.*
    Would you be interested in following each toher on GFC & Facebook (using personal account)?
    Let me know! Just follow/Like and I will do the same! x


  9. Thanks for the lovely comment on my post today!! I love your blog name & I just followed you ;) xx


  10. :) I literally want everything from your lust list. . Loving your blog, great post x

  11. aah i keep meaning to order these cat tights!! i saw someone wearing them last week and the little tails on the back are so adorable :D x

  12. That sailor moon skirt is too cool!


  13. hey sweetie
    I just found your blog and I loooove it!
    you look gorgeous, love your style!!! I am your new follower!!
    I would love it if you visit my blog and keep in touch!
    I am also hosting a GIVEAWAY these days, so you can join!



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