A Day by The Seaside


In the sweltering summer heat that England has been experiencing over the last few weeks, sometimes there is nothing more tempting than to hop on a train with good friends and visit the seaside. This is exactly what me and my companions of choice, Sonia and Aimee, decided to do yesterday with our destination of choice being Brighton. Famous for it's thriving and all-embracing social scene, array of eccentric boutiques and postcard perfect backdrop, Brighton proved just the ticket to provide summer fashion inspiration and an amazing day out with my favourite people. Me and Sonia made it our mission to introduce Aimee to one of our favourite joints, Yo! Sushi, a nationwide chain of Japanese restaurants that is high on kooky charm (dishes served on a revolving conveyor belt and chefs preparing food in front of you, anyone?) and low on prices. If you're ever in Brighton, I recommend popping into Yog which is a small yet sweet shop just off the seafront on East Street serving zero fat probiotic frozen yogurt which you can customize to your own personal tastes with it's superb range of toppings from fresh fruit to indulgent chocolates. Shopping wise, all of us had our first ever Kensington Gardens experience which we stumbled upon on our way to get lunch. The area is overflowing with independent businesses from inviting looking cafes to retro record stores, but my personal favourites were the vast array of vintage stores. To Be Worn Again is noticeable by it's rack of cheap printed shirts outside but upon stepping inside there is a huge variety of everything from sparkly evening dresses to basketball jerseys and faded Disneyland sweatshirts in a rainbow of colours. Big props to the sales associate who was working behind the till and pulled off rockabilly in true style. I made my first purchase of the day at Beyond Retro, a shop easy to miss due to it's backstreet location but definitely worth visiting. Stepping inside from the rather desolate exterior, you encounter an Aladdin's cave of vintage delights in a unique warehouse setting. I picked up a just-long-enough tartan skirt for £16 that I know I will get my money's worth from in the coming season. We spent the rest of the day relaxing on the beach (shoutout to Sonia for getting fully in the sea while we loitered at the water's edge) and taking a leisurely stroll around the rest of the town until it was time to travel back home. I also purchased a pair of floral boat shoes from the Urban Outfitters sale which I decided to bite the bullet and buy after pondering for ages. Good job I bought them as they're absolutely wonderful, you can see a photo on my instagram.

Aimee is wearing a dress from River Island, shorts customized from old jeans, shoes from George and sunglasses from a market.

Sonia wears a skirt and camisole from Topshop, sunglasses from River Island and sandals from BHS.

I wear a crop top from Vera Moda, shorts, sunglasses and necklace from Topshop, high top Converse from Office and an H&M swimsuit.

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  1. adorable post, I hope you all had fun!
    I've been wanting to take a trip to Brighton for a while, and after seeing these photos and mentioning the variety of vintage shops to take a look around...I'd really love to go there now!

    -sarah xo

    1. You should definitely go, it's the loveliest place especially in this weather! xo

  2. Awh your day looked so amazing! You all looked lovely as well :3 I love your pineapple shorts, so perfect for a day at the beach!xx

    1. It was amazing! I love them so much, they're the cutest! xo

  3. Love your blog, looks like you had a lovely time xo

    Followed you on bloglovin xo


  4. awww. I wanna visit this! anyway, hello fellow mermaid! :) i have an on-going blog giveaway and i hope you can join or just drop by my blog! heehee~ http://raellarina.blogspot.com/2013/07/international-birthday-giveaway-with.html

  5. your blog is great!! i followed you via bloglovin :)

  6. This post has definitely made me want to visit Brighton even more!! I've just recently moved to Devon and now we're so much closer I'm itching to go. I love your writing style by the way, great blog :) amelia x


  7. Looks like you had an amazing day by the sea. I had a frozen yogu yesterday. Hope I can visit Brighton one day.

    xx Mira


    1. it was an amazing day indeed! you should, it's amazing x

  8. I am moving to London in September and you have put Brighton at the top of my must visit list! Thank you, great post.


    1. it really is amazing, it's super easy to get to from London as well! x

  9. Such lovely pics! Hope you had a great day there!


  10. Great photos! Love the seaside, really want to visit down south, maybe it will be warmer than our chilly north sea. Maybe not though haha.

    Btw just letting you know I have nominated you for The Liebster Award.

    Check out this post to find out more about it :)

    Jen x

  11. Ive never been to brighton but your pics have deffo made me wanna go! Also great pinapple print shorts! Loving nything fruit printed at the moment!



  12. that beyond retro store looks amazing, i could spend hours in their!



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