Wishlist | July 2013


// Tangled iPhone case - Etsy // holographic chunky heels - Zara // sequinned pencil skirt - ASOS // faux leather cap - ASOS // USA flag bikini - Mad Lady //

Tangled phone case - Many of you may know that I'm a Disney fanatic, so when I saw this Tangled phone case on Etsy I fell instantly in love. I love looking for cute new phone cases - secretly it's one of my favourite things about owning an iPhone. Is that bad?

Zara holographic heels - As someone who never wears heels, it takes a very special pair to make me want to invest. This pair on Zara has been seen on everyone and their mother but they are just divine! The chunky heel is perfect for both day if you're out for lunch or night if you're out with your friends, plus the iridescent silver is wearable but adds edge.

ASOS sequin pencil skirt - Yet again with the sparkles, I really have no shame. When I first spied this skirt on ASOS a few days ago I literally gasped. The pastel lavender, the sequins - it's the perfect mermaid skirt. Even if I have to wear massive heels everyday (the downside of being 5"4 and having short legs) I am determined to own this bad boy. Ariel, eat your heart out gurrrrrl.

ASOS faux leather cap - I'm going away to Cyprus in just under a month and I am in desperate need of a hat (unnatural blonde hair has been known to go green when exposed to a lot of sun... gulp). I really love mixing boyish pieces with feminine styles and this snapback would keep floral prints and sun dresses from looking too saccharine. 

USA flag print bikini - I find Americana imagery very interesting so I've always been drawn to USA flag prints on pieces (my school rucksack for example!). I actually spotted this bikini last year but never bought it due to the fact we were having awful weather therefore I wouldn't have a chance to wear it. But I'm still in love with it, and hopefully will be adding it to my collection soon.

What's on your wishlist this month? Would you wear or buy any of the items I have chosen?

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  1. love the cap and bikini!


  2. I loveee that skirt!!! Amazing!!!

    Passando para desejar um ótimo dia!
    The Red Lil' Shoes Blog

  3. have my eye on that skirt too :)


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