Style Crush: Rihanna


There's always been something about Rihanna that I've liked, even in my I-hate-all-pop phase. She's the total package - completely stunning, talented and has incredible style. Ever since she burst onto the music scene in 2005, Robyn Fenty has been recognized for her unique sense of fashion, often changing with each new album or "era". I only really started paying attention to RiRi's style a few years ago, when she revealed her bright red hair colour and matched it with cute florals and girly ethereal white outfits. Then was the "We Found Love" video which has inspired more of my outfits than I can even remember. The denim, the creepers, the carefree attitude - Rihanna had brought grunge to the mainstream. Now her style mixes high end pieces from designers such as Chanel with streetwear brands like Trapstar - it's not rare to see RiRi rocking a beanie and oversized tee with a ladylike pair of pumps. Would everyone be able to carry it off? No. Is it a bit out there for everyday folk? Probably. But do we love her for it? Yes.

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