A Galaxy Far Far Away.


galaxy print sleeveless blouse - ASOS Marketplace
leather skater skirt - ASOS
sparkly blue socks - Topshop
creepers - Underground via eBay
lips - Rimmel Apocalips in "Celestial"

This outfit is akin to what I would wear on a typical day in which I had a lesson at the school where I take my media class (the dress code there is smart whereas my home school does not have one). I know you're probably thinking "isn't smart blazers and flats?" well this is as good as it's going to get. I rediscovered this shirt while cleaning out my wardrobe earlier and I decided to give it an outing as the weather was nice and called for light and bright clothing. As the shirt is quite ethereal and floaty I decided to toughen it up by tucking it loosely into a leather skater skirt. A key part of my style is juxtaposing elements, be it fabrics or colours or trends which is demonstrated clearly in this outfit. I decided to wear these powder blue socks with my creepers as the soft flecks of glitter subtly compliments the galaxy pattern on the shirt.

I was shooting photographs for my media coursework and I really love the outcome of one particular image. My theme is "beauty ideals and how they have changed" and one of the tasks I was set by my teacher was to create a poster for a new E4 (creators of Skins and Misfits) drama based on a group of girls that defy the generic conventions of beauty. I opted for a simple but powerful style and I hope you like it!

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  1. Ooh I love that whole outfit!

  2. love the top!


  3. An universe blouse *_* awesome!

    Hey, I saw in your twitter that you are going to a Japanese Culture event in London, last weekend I went to one in my city called Sana, it is one of the biggest japanese events in my country, feel free to see my photos in my facebook, I am the girl wearing a Rocket Grunt cosplay. https://www.facebook.com/suzy.nyappy/media_set?set=a.10151473215860974.1073741834.533800973&type=3


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