Fashion and Beauty Wishlist | June 2013


// "Pink Noveau" lipstick - MAC // square corner round sunglases - Topshop // plaid pinafore dress - Bitching & Junkfood // blue marble print kimono - Motel // apple green lace trim socks -  Topshop //

Just as fleetingly as it came, the sunny spell that hit Britain has now disappeared. This means I have had to switch my sunglasses and shorts for hats and jumpers, something I thought that I'd finally retired for this season. To cheer myself up, I've been doing my fair share of online browsing despite ripping Topshop Oxford Circus a new one last week on a shopping trip with my sister Sonia (her blog is here). Here are some of my favourite items that I've spotted on my online travels...

MAC lipstick in "Pink Nouveau" - until fairly recently I have steered well clear of bright pink lipsticks, preferring my beloved deep reds. Now that the summer is nearing I've fallen in love with all things gaudy and neon - what's a holiday makeup look without some brights? This shade is perfect - bright but not branching into scary TOWIE territory and super wearable for both day and night. I'm definitely intending to add this to my makeup bag!

Topshop sunglasses - there have been some seriously amazing sunglasses cropping up in stores and online lately and Topshop has been leading the pack with its kooky yet cute offerings. I tried these shades on in London last week and was surprised at how cool they looked on, as I was honestly expecting to look like an alien. The electric blue tone of the lens is also a fabulous yet subtle homage to the futuristic trend.

Bitching & Junkfood plaid pinafore dress - dungarees are everywhere at the moment and despite being a massive summer trend seem to be marmite - some think they're effortlessly cool while others think they're a not so welcome throwback to the 90s. A perfect way to wear the trend but keep your femininity is to invest in a pinafore dress - this number is super chic but the steely blue plaid keeps it interesting. Unfortunately it'll set you back a cool £85 but a girl can totally dream.

Motel kimono in blue marble print - since the end of last August I've been on the lookout for the perfect kimono after seeing one on a fellow blogger during the summer. I spotted this one on Motel a few months ago and have been in love ever since. Kimonos are extremely stylish with oriental inspired pieces featuring all over the runways this year, and they provide the perfect alternative to a jacket for the summer months especially considering England is not the warmest of countries. They're also a great transitional piece - throw this beauty over jeans and boots and you can be ready for Autumn!

Topshop apple green ankle socks - There's few things I love more than mixing girly styles with tougher pieces, and Topshop provide great ammunition for doing so with their deliciously cute selection of ankle socks. This bright green pair caught my eye when I spotted them on the website, I can totally see myself wearing them underneath my pair of cut out boots to juxta pose the chunky shape and black leather material.

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