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My sister was recently contacted by a member of a site she is on regarding me reviewing her Etsy store and I was delighted! I've been interested in doing reviews of brands and small businesses for a while now so this was the perfect opportunity to start a whole new chapter of my blogging career. If anyone owns an Etsy or eBay store, or anything similar, and would like me to review it please drop me a comment below!

Bamble Vintage (here on Etsy) is a relatively new vintage store run by Londoner Soph. The store is smaller than a lot of Etsy sites however this means that the few chosen items are gems. Whether you want a chic evening bag or a cool and unique shirt, you'll find good quality and hard to beat products at Bamble. My personal favourite from the site is the cropped vintage white shirt (buy it here!) which reminds me of something Esmeralda from The Hunchback of Notre Dame would've rocked - it would look awesome with everything, from denim cut offs and converse to a pair of high waisted trousers and crazy jewellery. Another great thing about the site is the fact that the jewellery sold is handmade, which means you'll be the only one with it unlike the hoards of ladies buying Topshop and River Island's offerings everyday. And we all like to be unique, right?  In closing, Bamble Vintage may be small but don't write it off due to it's size, there's a host of totally awesome and original treasures to be found.

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  1. I enjoyed the Peach Jumper, and the Grey, and the White!


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