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This post is a bit different to my usual fashion and beauty ones but today I thought that I would post about one of my biggest interests which is healthy eating and living. I used to eat a lot of processed food and even though I was never overweight I didn't ever feel that great about myself and I put a lot of this down to my bad food choices. As weird as that may sound it's proven that eating well can release endorphins, thus making you happier. Around January this year I switched to a new healthier lifestyle and I feel a lot better for it - my skin and hair look better, I feel more body confident and I'm much happier. So with the summer approaching, here are my tips for living healthier.

Don't count calories. I have an immense hatred for so called "diet" food, those low calorie ranges that claim to be super healthy. Well just because its low in calories does not mean it's good for you! A lot of the food I eat is high calorie but has amazing health benefits - looking at the calories for a serving of seeds or nuts may be shocking but these are great sources of iron and protein. So don't be put off by calories!

Carbs are your friend! Everyone always talks about how bad carbohydrate is but that's only simple carbs like white bread. Most of these simple carbs are heavily processed so break down very quickly. Complex carbs take longer to break down and release energy over a longer period so keep you fuller and more energetic for longer. If you're still keen to avoid carbs, try eating wholegrains in one or two main meals a day. My favourite wholegrains are millet and brown and black rice - all super tasty with incredible health benefits. Try your local health food shop to find them and more.

Allow yourself a treat. I've never been the sort of person who can have just one, therefore if I start eating something naughty I'll never stop! I used to just not bother treating myself due to this but it just led to me stuffing my face with chocolate once a week and not really enjoying it, leading to a sore stomach and guilt. My tip is to allow yourself a small treat twice a week, but to buy something like a nice cupcake or a small pizza as opposed to something big that will make you more inclined to binge eat. This way you can appreciate your treat but not feel guilty as its only something small.

Exercise but don't overdo it! I try to go to the gym a couple of times a week but I never feel awful if I skip a day. This is because I believe that eating healthy with a few fitness sessions a week works better than JUST exercising but eating whatever you want. Last year I started the gym but got bored due to not achieving any results and I think this was because I still ate badly. So exercise but don't depend on just that - your body needs nutrition as well.

Experiment. A lot of people start to eat healthy but give up quickly as they think all they can eat is salad. They couldn't be more wrong! Cuisines like Japanese and Mediterranean are known for their tasty and flavorsome dishes however a lot of their food is very good for you. I eat loads of sushi and wholemeal pita bread with houmous, both delicious AND nutritious. There's also dozens of varieties of fruit, from berries to bananas to more rare types like dragonfruit. It's all down to experimenting and finding something that doesn't feel like a chore to eat.

Look online for healthy recipes. One of my favourite foods is pizza however the commercial versions are mostly high in fat and very bad for you. I recently went online and was inspired by several websites to make my own version using wholemeal pita, tomato paste and spinach (you can see the photo here). Not only did it taste authentic, it was much healthier and completely guilt free. I recommend sites like Good Food which has hundreds of healthier recipes of all your favourite treats. I recently baked these blueberry muffins and they were great!

Enjoy yourself. Healthy living shouldn't feel like a chore and if it is you're doing it wrong! Don't expect results over night, it takes at least a month to feel healthier but don't let that put you off. Try and get a friend or family member to start as well and make it a joint experience.

My top healthy foods - black rice, millet, wholemeal pita, houmous, broccoli, raspberries, blackberries, apples, pineapple, cucumber maki sushi, grilled/cooked chicken breast, nakd fruit and nut bars, fruit smoothies, frozen natural yogurt

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  1. I like it! Help motivate myself now that I can't do sports for a while :)

  2. I enjoy to eat a lot of sushi,fruits and yogurt! I used to eat a lot of bananas but since I knew it turns fat I stopped eat. I started to run at gym at monday, and I feel already some changes in my body. I did not know about the bread thing, that it do not get fat. Now I'm going to come back to eat coconut bread :3

    Suzy Xavier ~ @sue_nyappy ~


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