My Week In Instagram #2


Hello! So I did one of these posts in January and for some unknown reason never continued. My instagram is carackobama and I post everyday, mainly photos related to fashion and updates on my life. I've had a pretty fun week - I saw my boyfriend a few times, visited some of my favourite places and met a very familiar face while out shopping. I hope you like these photos and let me know if you would like to see more posts like this one! 

// my outfit last Sunday featuring floral trousers and a white shirt from ASOS // my new tie dye skater dress from Topshop arrived. I love it, it is perfect for spring! // me and Josh visited Piccadilly Circus on Tuesday // we stumbled upon this awesome street in Chinatown; my jumper is from H&M and my skirt is from Romwe //

// I met The Hobbit star Martin Freeman while out shopping on Carnaby Street - he was so nice! // I watched Baz Luhrmann's "Romeo + Juliet" for the first time in ages on Wednesday. Young Leo is perfection. // we went out for dinner to Darcy's and I got these incredible raspberry macaroons for dessert! // my outfit for Brighton featuring Black Milk leggings. //

// we went for a walk on Brighton Pier but the weather was awful and rainy. Still had an awesome day though! // my favourite frozen yogurt - natural flavour with raspberries and blackberries, yum!  // Bought two new Disney DVDs for my growing collection as HMV were doing a special offer. //

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  1. I saw Tangled and Brave already, at the cinema, my favorite was Tangled but Brave is the funniest!


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