Beat Down.


baroque printed shirt - Topshop
crimson velvet skirt - Romwe
creepers - eBay
lipstick - Rimmel x Kate Moss in "107"

It seems all my moaning about the weather has paid off as for the first time this year, it actually feels like spring! To celebrate I shed my jumpers and boots and wore this fun ensemble instead to say hello to the new season. 

This outfit is loosely inspired by Dolce & Gabbana's fantastic collections from this season and the last, both have been very luxurious looking and inspired by print. I purchased this slightly cropped shirt from Topshop back in December and I adore it's lavish elaborate print, especially when combined with this regal velvet skirt. To keep the look fresh, I wore (no surprise) my black double sole creepers that I won on eBay last year.

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  1. wow i love this shirt, it's so different!

    1. I love it, definitely one of my favourite shirts!

  2. wow:))
    i totally love your outfit! that shirt is amazing♥ love it:))
    maybe you would want to visit my blog while having some free time?:))

  3. I like your creepers so much that I'm going to buy a creeper that looks like yours!

  4. Such a lovely outfit cute blog followed you :)

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