OOTDs From The Weekend (Beware: Bad Quality!)


First and foremost, I apologize for the crappy quality of these images. I've been pretty busy this weekend (damn you coursework) so I haven't had the time to shoot photos on my DSLR as usual, sad face. But not all is lost as I took a few mirror selfies over the course of the weekend - you know how it is, good makeup day, decent hair day, nice outfit on, you just have to Instagram it. So rather than leaving you guys hanging, I decided to compile a collection of my outfits from over the weekend - Enjoy!

Friday - School And Dinner Out

peter pan collar shirt - New Look
velvet skirt - Romwe
lips - MAC "Amorous"

So Friday was a pretty good day. I have the whole morning off on Fridays, giving me more time to get ready and lie comotose in bed watching back to back episodes of American TV. However my photography teacher wasn't in so I missed my class as well, it was great. Then in the evening me, my sister and mum went out for dinner to Zizzis which was lovely, I had a gorgeous wholemeal "skinny" pizza and doughsticks. I decided to go for a slightly gothic new romantic look, possibly inspired by the fact we're studing Keats in English who might just be my new favourite poet. I wore my new peter pan collar tee tucked into my beloved red velvet skirt to add a pop of colour to the otherwise monochrome outfit. I then coupled it with double sole black creepers and a dark lip, to give it that gothy edge.

Sunday - Cinema With Boyfriend

oversized black tee - Topshop
galaxy print leggings - Romwe
lips - Topshop "Beguiled"

Saturday was a lazy/homework day for me which I spent in my onesie, therefore I'm jumping to Sunday! As I was just going to the cinema I opted for a pretty casual outfit, but jazzed it up with these purple galaxy printed leggings from Romwe which always add a nice kick to a plain outfit. I then finished the look off with creepers, a leather jacket and my favourite Topshop lipstick "Beguiled" which is a gorgeous dark red which looks great on most skintones. Another note, if you're going to the flicks please go see Wreck-It Ralph - it's amazing. So, so amazing.

Which of my weekend looks is your favourite?

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  1. The first look is my favourite, I need to get myself a velvet skirt, so so nice. Plus Peter Pan collars are the cutest xxx

    1. yes velvet skirts are my favourites! xxx

  2. I enjoyed the Friday look, but the best cloth was the Galaxy Print leggings! I still did not go to Disney, but I want to go soon to visit the Harry Potter park in Orlando. Please can you make a post about your favorites Converse All Star sneakers? Suzy Xavier http://gorjeioliterario.blogspot.com/

    1. yes I love my galaxy leggings! yeah I want to go there so much! Sure x

  3. Your phone case is incredible!! x


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