OOTD: Plaid and Leather


leather biker jacket - Topshop
oversized plaid shirt - Hearts And Bows via ASOS
denim shorts - customized Levis via eBay
white Dr Martens - gift from parents
lips - Amorous by MAC

Hello! So I had a pretty interesting day yesterday. As we all know it was Valentines Day and while most boys take their girlfriends out for a nice dinner, I was taken to a hardcore show in a tiny venue in Kingston. Ah, the romance. Luckily the band we were watching was one of my favourites of the recent months, Polar who are an incredible five-piece from Guildford. My boyfriend Josh knows them pretty well (he's seen them 17 times!) so I managed to get the opportunity to photograph the show which made me super stoked. The shots turned out awesome and I had a great night, so thumbs up really! I chose to wear my beloved Hearts & Bows oversized shirt open over a white vest to give my outfit some Kurt Cobain realness, then layered it with my Topshop leather jacket. On my bottom half I just wore Levis shorts with tights and then added my gorgeous white Dr Martens to brighten up the look. I love this outfit, it's super comfortable but (hopefully) looks really cool. On my lips is MAC'S 'Amorous' which I bought off my sister recently (cheers beb ;)) and almost completely matches the burgundy sections of my shirt. 

I'm off to the gym in a bit - I got a tad carried away with the chocolate and consumed a whole box last night courtesy of my boyfriend. I then - after complaining about it - ate a Malteaster bunny. Well done, Cara. Really. I hope you all had a great Valentines Day, whether you're single OR in a relationship! xo

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  1. you are perfect, and your blog... and your boyfriend ahah
    I just love the doc martens :3


  2. Really love the look! realy suits, The jacket is really lovely, Have been looking for a good leather jacket recently, and this looks like a good contender!! :)

    Pipp xx

    1. thank you! yeah it's great, perfect for all weathers xx

  3. Hi Cara, i really love your look - i really want to feature you on my blog, if that's okay

    the link to my blog: http://tamedfaddism.wordpress.com

    Hope to hear from you soon

  4. Nice, I love your docs!


  5. I love the mix of plaid, leather and denim, you've made it work really well for a cute casual outfit



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