OOTD: Dungarees


(sorry for the dodgy quality/gremlin face, it was freezing!)

printed shirt - Topshop
dungarees - Monki
creepers - Underground via eBay
lips - MAC Creme Cup

Hello! So I've had a fairly eventful past few days, which means this post is up later then I intended. On Friday I went into my favourite of all cities London with my sister Sonia (check out her blog here - she is hilarious) and did a lil bit of shopping and a lil bit of touristing and a lil bit of attempting to climb a lion in Trafalgar Square (this part was me). I couldn't climb the bloody thing and there were seven years old about 2 feet shorter than me who could. I hate my life. Anyways in London I purchased a pair of amazing round Lennon-esque sunglasses that I've had my eye on for a few weeks now - I know, it's freezing and not at all sunny and I'm a goon but they're beautiful. 

It took me a while to decide what to wear that day due to said cold weather, but rather than bundling on the layers I chose to wear this (plus trusty ASOS parka you've seen a billion times). I bought these dungarees about two weeks ago and I've been DYING to wear them so I thought, f---- it let's look like a twat. I paired it with this gorgeous baroque-esque shirt from Topshop to jazz it up then added my double sole creepers. I decided to choose a fairly neutral lip colour and wore MAC's Creme Cup, one of my all time favourite lipsticks (which I review here). I absolutely love this outfit, it's perfect for the upcoming spring and can be worn with or without tights, depending on how brave you are!

I've been suffering from a killer cramp for over 12 hours so as I write this I am curled up in my bed, hot water bottle clenched to my stomach and non-blow dried hair sticking up like a golden retriever/Billy Connolly mix. Oh, if you could see me now. However all is not lost as I have the Oscars red carpet recorded downstairs which I can't wait to watch, I'm hoping my queen Anne Hathaway slays everyone!

Have a great week xo

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  1. I hope you be better now. Which movie did you decide to see since the last post? Please can you make a post about your favorites types of Converse all star sneakers?

    Suzy Xavier~ @sue_nyappy ~ http://gorjeioliterario.blogspot.com.br/

  2. love your hair, hope you're feeling better now!!! Tara Merry xx

  3. love the denim dungaree! i seriously need to get one too!
    would you like to follow each other?

  4. I love your dungarees, they look so nice on you


  5. Ah! I have the same dungarees as you, from Monki - I wore them yesterday x x x Check out my outfit -


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