My Top Five iPhone Apps!


So anyone who knows me will be well aware of the fact that I spent a high amount of time on my iPhone, and most of this is spent using apps. I don't have loads on my phone but the ones that I do have I use an awful lot so I thought that I'd do a blog post sharing my favourites and hopefully giving you all some ideas on new apps to get! All of the apps I'm posting are free so anyone with an Apple Store account can buy them - brilliant!

Instagram -  if you own an iPhone and you don't have Instagram, you are seriously missing out! Tons of celebrities and bloggers have an account on this photo sharing app, so it's a great way to peek into their lives and also share your own snaps. You can post anything from food to fashion - it's just amazing. If you want to follow me, my Instagram is carackobama. (BEWARE: lots of selfies and pictures of my cat.)

Wanelo - I downloaded this app fairly recently after reading a friend of mine's tweet about it. Overall it's a pretty pointless and silly app - you basically just like photos of clothes/bags/shoes/makeup/anything that you are lusting over and you can follow other people/brands. However it's a great way to pass time if you're bored and it gets rather addictive after a while. I dare you not to be hooked!

The Eatery - I was told about this app by my sister and I had to get it as soon as she explained it to me. Basically you take a quick snap of your meals and snacks and other people can rate whether it's "fit or fat" so you can get an idea of how heathily you're eating. On your profile it displays your healthiest and worst meal of the week and also has a simple chart of how well you've eaten each day. It's definitely helped me make good food choices and I really recommend it!

Instaframe - There are dozens upon dozens of frame making apps but this one is my favourite that I've tried. It's perfect for jazzing up an Instagram post, allowing you to combine photos in a multitude of different frames of all shapes and sizes. I often use this app if I'm posting a picture of a pretty place I'm visiting, or for OOTD posts. AND it's free - what's not to love?

Smurf Village - No one even understands how much I love this game. It's cute, easy and addictive and allows you to build (as the name suggests) a village for the Smurfs. I can honestly spend hours on this game trying to earn money and berries and making my town perfect. There's so many cool things that you can buy and earn, and it gets better the more you use it. My favourite game by far!

What are your favourite iPhone apps?

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