London Fashion Week: My Favourite A/W13 Collections (So Far!)


So it's that time of year again, the time when fashion week rolls around and every blogger, stylist, editor and model dons their best and attend as many shows as they possibly can. Being a Brit, my favourite is always London Fashion Week as it's set near to where I live and a lot of the designers that feature are very dear to my heart. For the last few days while the event has been taking place, I've been scouring the internet for photos of the A/W 13 collections and my oh my, disappoint they did not. There was patterns everywhere - from plaid to psychadelic - and some incredible mix n matching from Topshop Unique. Here is the rundown of my favourite shows so far...

Topshop Unique
Topshop has been my favourite high street brand for quite a while now, visiting the massive Oxford Street store has always been one of my favourite things to do whilst in London and whenever I'm looking for something online, their website is the first place that I go. I was expecting to like this collection as Topshop has always been bang on the mark for putting a unique and wearable spin on current trends, but I absolutely ADORE this. There's every texture and fabric underneath the sun, from baby pink sequinned skirts to luxe silk jumpsuits mixed and matched with other pieces that make the looks shine. I'm absolutely in love with the sequin jumpsuit (pictured above, second from left) - I just wish I had Jourdan's long legs and amazing figure to pull it off. Sigh, a girl can dream. 

Rihanna For River Island
As a huge fan of Rihanna's style, I was expecting great things from this collection but holy cow. As soon as I saw the two piece dungaree jumpsuit, my jaw literally dropped - I was in love. Every look is bold, urban, edgy and cool - Rihanna to a freakin' T. In some looks there's 90s realness with hoop earrings, bright colours and lots of denim but it's contrasted by sleek ladylike silhouettes with daring slits up the side - think Angelina Jolie only from "the hood" (remind me never to say that again). I need the floral trousers and acid wash jacket in my life. Now. What's more the lady herself was there and she looked flawless as usual - nice work, RiRi, very nice work indeed. 

Mulberry has always been one of those brands whose greatness I've recognized but never quite "got". I've always loved the bags but physically recoiled at the prices, however the clothes have never been cup o' tea. That is, until now. I was flicking through the photos a bit like "meh" then I saw the poodle. And Cara Delevingne. And a pretty rad leather skirt. Going back, I actually discovered that I loved some of the looks - there was a lot of block colours in black, oxblood and white containing chic but edgy coats and skirts, contrasted by patterns mixed and matched giving off an eclectic look but still keeping that strong smart style. I also loved the design of the runway, especially the entrance/exit - it was decked out with oversized flowers and gave off a lovely quintessential vibe that matched the clothes completely. 

House of Holland
Ever since I got into fashion, I've had an unhealthy obsession with Henry Holland and his collections. On my first ever blog when I was 14, I raved endlessly about his A/W 2010 collection and now three years on I'm doing the same. Bless. The collection was aptly named "Nana Rave" and it's clear to see why - there was a strong 80s influence in the patterns, with psychadelic prints and bright greens, pinks and oranges everywhere which was coupled by prim and almost demure lengths of skirts and trousers. The models also donned some serious accessories - in some looks, a tortoiseshell baseball cap, in others funky embellished sunglasses and crazy printed socks. 

I've managed to contract a horrible sore throat and cough duo over the course of the night so today will more than likely be spent in bed drinking peppermint tea and watching Judd Apatow comedies while I try and nurse myself back to health in time for my university visit on Wednesday. If anyone has any recommendations for TV shows and films to watch, leave a comment below! I'd love to know what you guys are watching at the mo.

What were your favourite A/W 13 collections? Do you agree with my choices?

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  1. OMG i am so excited for topshop unique to be instore. Mulberry and Preen have been my favourite so far. I love your blog found you through lookbook xo

    1. same, I love the collection so much! Aw I just saw Preen after I published this - love their shirts! xo

  2. I've been very lazy and haven't been keeping up with the shows.... Barely even caught up with the ones for spring haha! Excited for Meadham Kirchoff...x

    1. tbf I'm normally awful, I just check them in magazines!! x

  3. Loved the dungaree suit from Rihanna, wasn't too keen on her other items in the collection though!

    1. yeah the dungarees were my favourite, tempted to get them when they come out! ah that's a shame :/ what was your favourite collection? x

    2. I love the dungarees also! I too agree, sdome of her other outfits were too far out for me.

      Out of them all I'd pick Rihanna's collection. The yellow dress is growing on me
      UK High Street Fashion & Style

    3. the dungarees are amazing!

  4. hi i'm your newest follower and i really like your blog so i'd love it and appreciate it if you could check out and maybe follow my blog? i really love your style as well!

    katy x

  5. I watched the Topshop Unique show on the Topshop website and everything was so gorgeous!

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