oversized black tee - Topshop
Jeffrey Campbell Litas - gift from boyfriend
cathedral print leggings - Black Milk

Hi everyone! I hope you all had a great Christmas and a brilliant new year, and that 2013 is treating you well so far. So I've been totally in love with Black Milk clothing ever since Grav3yardgirl mentioned them in a YouTube video ages ago, and after a few weeks ago I ordered my very first pair of leggings from the site. I have to say, I own a pair of BM rip off leggings and the real thing is so much better - the material is more comfortable and breathable and the print is so awesome and bright. As the leggings are so statement, I decided to wear it with a plain black boyfriend style t-shirt and my beloved Litas so not to distract from them. I love this outfit, it's so easy to wear and appropriate for going out in the day or in the evening. I totally recommend Black Milk, they have the most amazing pieces and even though they're expensive you get what you pay for. Next on my wishlist is the Shark Vs Mermaid swimsuit and the Napoleon leggings - I need a job so bad :(

We're currently studying the art of portraiture in my photography class and my chosen theme is modern/fashion interpretations of classic fairy tales such as Little Red Riding Hood, Cinderella and Alice In Wonderland. I'm planning a trip to Somerset House soon to check out Tim Walker's "Storyteller" exhibition to give me some inspiration - has anyone been? I've also been told to look at Tim Burton's cinematography which means I can educationally study Johnny Depp's face. Um, I mean Tim Burton's cinematography. Yes. That.

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  1. Love these leggings,, too bad they cost so much x__X


    PS, I followed your blog, you can follow me back at symphonicspells.blogspot.com

  2. love your style and you always look gorgeous with that red lipstick! Could you tell me what red lipstick you use?

  3. Great Blog!

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