My Week In Pictures #1


I love reading these posts on other blogs and as an avid IG user I decided to start doing them myself. I haven't had the most eventful week, it's been full of school and watching films and drinking tea but it's still been quite fun! Later I'm off to take pictures for my fairy tale shoot for my photography coursework and I'm stoked to bring my ideas to reality. My lovely sister is playing Red Riding Hood and we're going to this amazing forest so I can't wait!

1. my tea collection in the kitchen. I've recently discovered a love for peppermint tea, it's delicious and it helps fight bloating and does other great things. Perfect!

2. showing off my new look blog, love my new header and colour scheme.

3. my new Urban Outfitters jumper came in the post and I love it to pieces, it's baggy look and gorgeous print make it the perfect jumper for the cold winter months we're having in England at the moment.

4. taking outfit pictures for the blog including my AMAZING Black Milk leggings and a Topshop t-shirt I picked up in London last week. 

5. Mum bought me Glamour magazine which had my favourite actress and all round love of my life Emma Stone on the front! Glamour is such a great magazine, I always love reading it and just chilling.

6. Nails of the day! I've been loving Topshop's Neptune polish lately, I'm a sucker for sparkles and turquoise is one of my favourite colours. Reminds me of mermaids!

7. watching one of my favourite classic Disney films, Sleeping Beauty. When is it my turn to be Aurora? Sigh. Also, Maleficent is a total badass.

8. my new Black Milk leggings are my favourite things in the world, the print is so unique and gorgeous and they look perfect with everything.

9. having a cheeky mug of tea and a browse of Tumblr in my free period.

One last thing, who else has seen Les Miserables (the film)?! I'm a huge musical fan and I have to say, Les Mis is one of the best movies I've seen in a long time. Hugh Jackman and Anne Hathaway were unreal and Eddie Redmayne is a BABE. I cried so much when Valjean died as well, he was my favourite character. :( I'd recommend Les Mis to anyone, even if you don't like musicals!

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