beanie - The Story So Far merch store
gold chain necklace - ASOS
camo jacket - Topshop
t-shirt - Polar show
disco pants - American Apparel
white high top Converse - Office

So yesterday me and my boyfriend went into London to see the musical adaption of the amazing Green Day album American Idiot. The show was absolutely brilliant, I love musicals and the album so the combination was perfect for me - the main actor was hot as well, which was good haha. I wore my new black American Apparel disco pants which are honestly my new favourite clothing item - I understand the hype now so much, they go with everything and make your stomach look flatter. Love them! I channeled Rita Ora (one of my style crushs at the moment) and added a beanie and a gold chain which gave my other more basic pieces a cool edge. I then finished the look off with my trusty camo jacket.

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  1. Love your disco pants!!

    I'm following you now, hope you can follow me back:)

  2. nice outfit!!


  3. It sound very interesting that musical you saw! hahah anyway; I like very much this outfit :) Now I have to follow you ahhah cause your style is marv


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