Style Crush: Alice Dellal


As a lover of punk and grunge influenced fashion, there are few models whose style I love as much as that of Brazilian-born Alice Dellal. She's controversial, gorgeous and very very stylish, just my sort of girl. Her mix of 90s grunge and high end fashion is amazing and makes her stand out from other socialites. I'd die to raid her wardrobe - she has so many amazing leather jackets, denim shirts and shorts, plaid pieces and her boots are to die for - being a Dr Martens model must have serious perks! Her trademark half shaved head also endears her to me as I've had my blonde-and-brown undercut for almost two years. AND she's a Chanel poster girl, what's not to love?

oversized denim jacket with ripped tights and boots? amazing!

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  1. She was the cause of my shaved head phase two years ago! Wish I still had it, but I never looked at hot as her!! xx

    1. I had my undercut before I fell in love with her but she's definitely inspired me to try new hairstyles with it! I don't think anyone can really, she's depressingly gorgeous sigh xx

  2. She is awesome <3

    xx J


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