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So here in England, summer has passed and winter is finally upon us. I love this time of year being a December baby, everything just seems more cosy and sparkly and Christmas has always been my favourite time of the year - nothing beats snuggling up on the sofa under warm rugs and drinking hot chocolate and watching Home Alone. I also love Christmas food shopping, forever a fatty. I love how in winter all the coffee shops bring out gorgeous winter drinks - holla at you Starbucks! - and there's always gorgeous scarves and boots and jackets for sale. Being a complete hat fiend, any excuse to whore out my favourite beanie is muchos welcome. But despite all this, it's important to keep warm and safe so here are my top accessories, fashion and beauty picks to keep you looking hot this winter!

  • A woolly comfy jumper is something I always wear around winter time. There are so many different lengths, styles, prints and textures around so everyone can find the perfect knitted jumper for them. I love this Topshop number, its so cosy looking and thick but the camo print and studded detailing on the shoulders keeps it bang on trend.

  • beanies and bobble hats are everywhere at the moment, go on Tumblr or out on the street and you will see male and females alike all rocking some seriously dope headwear. Fashionistas everywhere favour the daringly cool American Apparel neon beanies but if you're not feeling up to that do not fret - AA do them in a multitude of colours including black, grey, blue and red. My personal favourite beanies are the coveted Monroe Apparel which sell like hot cakes but are always up on eBay - don't wait to buy them or you'll be disappointed!
  • Dr Martens boots have been around for decades, first in the punk culture and more recently in mainstream fashion. Although I wear my much loved black pair all year round, the thick material and sturdy soles makes these shoes perfect for winter time, especially going out in snowy weather. You can get DMs in pretty much every colour imaginable and in different textures such as patent and leather. Many Etsy and ASOS Marketplace users customize DMs so if you want a truly unique and original pair check out those sites. The pair pictured are from Dr Martens' recent collaboration with Agyness Deyn and I adore them, they're so edgy and cool yet extremely wearable - you can pair them with statement leggings, disco pants or denim cutoffs and tights yet  use them to toughen up a cute tea dress and a biker jacket.
  • In winter, I tend to suffer from very dry chapped lips so I always make sure I have lip balm with me when I'm out and about. My personal favourites are Vaseline Rosy Lips and Cherry Carmex. Vaseline is a classic famous brand and the Rosy Lips balm is moisturizing and gets rid of dry lips in an instant as well as leaving a gorgeous rosy pink tint which is a great substitute for lipstick or gloss on the days when you just cannot be arsed. Carmex is a favourite in the beauty world and has been my saviour multiple times, it really is a holy grail product and the cherry version smells amazing.
I hope this post is helpful and that everyone had a great Halloween!

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  1. I love everything you've picked here! Especially the neon beanies and DMs. I have a navy blue patent pair like that which come up to underneath my knee - so punky!

    HANNAH †

    PS: thank you for your super sweet comment about me and my fiance :)

  2. The yellow beenie is NICE! :)

    Btw, I am following you now....would be awesome if you checked out my blog, too, and followed back if you like it :)



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