MAC's "Creme Cup" Lipstick


a few weeks ago, after months of lusting, I finally decided to purchase my very first MAC lipstick. I went into the Glasgow shop in early September to have a look at what was on offer and the shade that caught my eye immediately was the cremesheen lipstick Creme Cup. As I prefer more natural colours for my lips and having heard a lot about it, I decided to purchase it online and when it came two weeks ago I was delighted and haven't stopped wearing it since!

The colour is absolutely gorgeous, it's a very natural muted pink which would definitely suit most skintones. It is also very easy to wear - I wear mine with heavy eye makeup and statement brows however it also looks great with just a bit of foundation and mascara when I can't be bothered. The smell is lovely too, it has a delicious scent (I haven't been able to stop smelling it ever since I bought it!) which reminds me of vanilla and cakes and all manners of yummy things. I would recommend this lipstick to anyone as it goes with everything and is sure to suit you! It is also well worth the price of £14 as it is very well pigmented and stays on the lips for a fairly long time.

what other MAC lipsticks would you recommend? what are the best drugstore lipsticks you have tried?

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